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Our Custom-Made Keepsakes

The Highest Quality and Easiest to Order Keepsakes Available

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Simply send us a cell phone picture of the inked prints, clay impressions or even a photo of the actual hand, foot or paw.



We capture every little detail with a blend of sophisticated technology and old school craftsmanship.


We will send you a design proof within 2 business days.  Once approved silver prints ship in 1-2 weeks, gold 2-3



Each of our keepsakes is made with Eco-Friendly precious metals.  Even our packaging is recycled.  MADE IN THE USA!


Industry Leading Quality

Eco-Friendly Luxury

Incredibly Easy to Order

Send us a cell phone picture of the:

No messy ink pads or clay kits needed!

Of course we work with a cell phone picture of the inked prints or clay impressions but why make the mess!  All you have to do is send us a picture of the foot, hand, hoof, nose, finger, handwriting or anything else you can think of!

Feel free to send us as many images as you’d like.   We’ve found that paw “selfies” work great for all types of animals.


Our Custom Bridal & Engagement Rings

The highest quality & easiest to order keepsakes available.

Custom Luxury Designs

It has truly been an honor to work with clients in creating such amazing symbols love.  From that first engagement ring to 50th anniversary rings.


You haven’t probably heard of Jak Figler yet, but you will soon.   Jak spent years behind some of the eyewear industry’s most technologically advanced designs, with applications in both the fashion world and military agencies.  His accessory and jewelry designs also graced the runways of several NYC Fashion Week events.

A few years ago, Jak made the decision to start a new life.  He wanted to get back to his formal training as a jewelry designer.  He left the corporate world to start his own company, Jak Figler Designs Ltd.  Immediately after diving head first back into the jewelry world, Jak was approached by the largest jewelry company in the USA and offered a position as a head designer.  He humbly declined the offer, knowing that this was either the smartest or dumbest decision of his life, definitely the craziest!

“I was done being a cog in the corporate machine, I can’t stomach the thought of having my designs made in questionable factories overseas, I’ve been to some of those factories, I couldn’t be a part of that.  Chances are that if you buy ANY name brand jewelry, it’s made in a sweat shop.  In addition, I didn’t feel like helping pay for some suit’s beach house, I needed to get away from all of that, I wanted to get back to the personal side of designing, that’s why I left and started my own company.” – Jak Figler


Jak was absolutely amazing every step of the way! He always responded quickly to my questions, and did a phenomenal job creating a one of a kind pendant for me. The finished product was even more beautiful than I could’ve imagined :)Type your paragraph here. – Link to Review – Patricia C.

Patricia C.

If you are looking for actual footprints on a charm or pendant, look no further than The Tiny Footprints. Jak will work with you to give you a great price. He answers questions quickly and sends you a sample so you get just want you want. He rushed my order and it was perfect. Thank you!Type your paragraph here.

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Verified Purchase
I bought this for my wife and she loves it. We had twins so I bought her two of them and I couldn’t be happier with the attention to detail.
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Matt Somerville

Jak was prompt in his response, was very compassionate about my situation, and so helpful to put together exactly what I wanted.
My necklace was sent quickly and is absolutely beautiful. Jak, thank you for your talent and your caring attention.

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Leah H.

By Griffen on November 12, 2012
I got my footprint necklace from the Jak Figler Design website. I had three children at the time and was able to get the necklace just the way I wanted it.. Now I have just given birth to my fourth and can’t wait to have him added!! The process was so easy and they were so helpful with any questions. I have a great necklace, that I constantly get compliments on!!!!
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ByWarEagle79on October 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
My sister absolutely loved this gift. We took my nephews footprint the day he was born in the hospital and a few weeks later she had a really well done necklace that she will really cherish always. The custom design really makes it special and I could tell she was really touched.
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Jak is a genius! My daughters love their charms and can’t wait to show them off to everyone. Jak will work with you to give you the best price he can. He makes sure to answer your questions quickly and sends you an example of what the charm will look like, including his recommendations. He was even able to rush my order and two-day shipping is included. I promise you will not find a more fair, honest seller. I feel blessed that I found him and will be back for my next grandchild 🙂

Thank you Jak!

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Donna S.

I absolutely love my necklace
By Ami Patel on March 27, 2014
Verified Purchase
I absolutely love my necklace. Very prompt and fast delivery. The necklace came out exactly how I wanted it. I like having something that I can pass down to my girl one day with her very own footprints. It will be in our family forever.
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Ami Patel